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The PlayStation 4 or more preferably, the PS4, is the latest flagship home video gaming console from the Japanese video game company, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE). Introduced as the succeeding console to the PS3, the PS4 was officially launched in North America on mid-November 2013 and went on to be launched in Europe and Australia by the end of the same month.

Officially marketed by Sony as the "Most Powerful Console in the World", the PlayStation 4 has received favorable performance reviews from numerous video game developers who have gone as far as to distinctly note the difference in performance between it and its direct market competitors, most notably, Microsoft's Xbox One, with the PS4 emerging as the best in various categories.

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Technical Specifications


1. 8 core, 32bit-64bit, AMD Jaguar processor combined with a low power processor for performing background tasks.

2. Enhanced GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) comprising a total of 18 computing units that are capable of producing a theoretical maximum performance of 18 Tera Floating Point Operations or TFLOPS.

3. 8 GB unified GDDR5 memory plus an additional 256MB has been included for performing background tasks. The GDDR5 is capable of running at a maximum frequency of 2.75 GHZ with a peak memory bandwidth of 173 GB/s. It might be interesting to note, that the size of the GDDR5 is 16 times as large as that of the PS3's.

4. A standard SSD (Solid State Drive) hard drive storage of 500 GB which is also user upgradeable.

5. Custom secondary chips are also available for performing auxiliary background tasks such as social game play, uploading and downloading.

6. An audio module is also present which is responsible for handling in-game chats as well as being capable of processing a large number of audio streams in-game.

7. A Read Only-Optical Drive which is capable of supporting both Blu-Ray and DVD game media. The drive has got a peak reading speed thrice that of the PS3's.

8. The wireless Dual Shock 4 is the primary controller for the PS4. It connects to the console through Bluetooth (2.1)+EDR which is exactly similar to how the Dual Sock 3 connects to the PS3. The Dual Shock 4 has all the features that the Dual Shock 3 has with notable new additions. Key amongst them being:

  • - A capacitive touch pad at the front of the controller which is clickable.
  • - All new SHARE button which allows players to very easily upload game play videos.

PlayStation Move controllers are also supported.

9. Connectivity options for the PS4 include: 3 USB 3.0 ports, Wi-Fi and Ethernet adapters, and Bluetooth connectivity. An additional port is also included for the connection of auxiliary game play devices such as the motion-detecting PlayStation Camera which was first introduced in the Play Station 3. The HDMI video output feature allows rendering of HD resolution (480p to 1080p, as well as 4K) game-play to any HD TV screen that's connected.

Features of the Sony PlayStation 4

Some of the major features for this console include:

Remote Play


This feature allows the players to be able to activate the PS4 console wirelessly at a distance and thus enabling game play to proceed via a different secondary device such as the PlayStation Vita, a Sony smartphone or tablet. All of this is done over Wi-Fi access points within a local area network.

The PlayStation App


This app enhances interactivity between the PS4 console and iOS/Android based mobile devices. Once installed on these devices, the PlayStation App allows them to act as secondary screens for the PS4 system. Players can purchase in-game items or accessories and directly download them to their console at home. The App further enables the game-play of other players on their consoles to be viewed remotely on these mobile devices.

Share Play


With Sony's increased emphasis on social game-play, this feature allows a player to invite another online player for a play session regardless of whether or not the invited player owns a copy of the game. The control of the game can either be passed entirely to the new player remotely or players can alternatively opt to initiate cooperative multiplayer mode.

Sharing of Media


The new "SHARE" button allows for the easy capture of video and screenshots within the last 15 minutes of game-play. These media can be uploaded to other PlayStation Network users or to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube amongst others.

Play As You Download


It is now possible to play games whilst their titles are downloading from the cloud-based subscription service, PlayStation Now . After purchasing a game that has this feature enabled within it, the PS4 system downloads a section of the game such that the player can commence playing the game whilst the rest of it is simultaneously being downloaded in the background.

Rest Mode


This mode allows the console to switch to a low power state whilst allowing players to immediately resume game-play from where they left off by simply pressing the power button. This effectively eliminates load time for saved games.



The PlayStation 4 offers game-play in immersive HD graphics whilst also fostering a deeply connected social gaming aspect . Furthermore, its controller is outstanding and it offers a much simplistic and easy to use logical interface. Digital-only and Indie games render flawlessly on this console and it undoubtedly offers better performance than its rival competing consoles. The PS4 has additionally made it incredibly easy to capture and broadcast game-play as well. Needless to say, it also effectively doubles up as a Blu-Ray player. Check out the best PS4 price in Malaysia below:

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